GATE: Gifted and Talented Education?

As parents we all believe our child is special and gifted and a prodigy!  And then you meet someone else’s child and their kid has an expanded vocabulary, reads, does advanced math, speaks another language, works well independently, and reality sets in…my kid is not a GATE child, but yours might be 📚

If your child exhibits the above characteristics and is also a keen observer, compassionate and highly sensitive, has a great memory and learns new concepts quickly and with ease,  you may have a GATE child that needs specialized education. 

Public schools begin testing in third grade and will group the GATE students with a particular teacher that is certified to teach GATE students.  It is important to identify your child  early so that you don’t confuse their perfectionist and sensitive personality with crazy tantrums.  And more importantly, a GATE child like an autistic child, needs to be in the right environment for his/her learning style.  

Ask your school teacher about the GATE program and don’t be shy about being the mom with a genius child! 👑💃🏽



                                       Even the most thoughtless, even the most deluded                                                   black person [latina/o, asian, jew, muslim or woman]                                            knows more about his [or her] life than the image he                                             [or she] is offered as the justification of it.                                                                                                                                                    — James Baldwin

The most important border crossers in the Southwest, are U.S. firms that use special tax breaks and the provisions of international trade agreements to set up maquiladora plants on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Mexico offers low-wage labor, mostly women, in  maquiladora zones that provide opportunities for large profits for California businesses and investors.  Planned Parenthood provides birth control to women at maquiladora plants.  Controlling a women’s body has always been essential to corporate profit and patriarchal societies.

“For many decades and in many forms, Latina womyn have been exploited, controlled, over sexualized, marginalized, uneducated, demonized, oppressed, silenced, ignored, stereotyped, neglected, and overlooked by our government, politicians, and policy.   Representation in spaces of power are necessary…and higher education is the only secure path.  There are many issues surrounding the Latina condition, however, education and reproductive justice are essential rhetoric in Latina discourse.”  [Read more in McCall’s forthcoming book].

The Latina feminist voice is ready to speak truth.  So, let’s warm up, stand up, and women up for tomorrow’s march towards equality, control and freedom! #LAwtinaMOM

Sweat Pilates studio, Toe Socks, LAwtina M.O.M. FBR baseball cap

On a side note, we just tried sweat pilates and highly recommend it!  Little muscles that we have not felt since our dance and ultra-fit days (pre-babies) hurt again!  Fit mind, strong body, balanced soul! March on!  #yeswecan #sisepuede


LAwtina M.O.M.

The Last Minute Gift Guide 😎

You waited, and waited, and now you are scrambling for last minute 🎁 gifts 🎁 Whether it’s for the Holidays, a birthday for that special family member or friend, these gifts will get you brownie points 🦄

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4. For the fashion conscious father, brother, or husband, Kit Ace and Miansai are your answer for simple modern essentials.  We also love a great baseball cap and Happy socks as stocking stuffers and small Hanukkah gifts👊🏾;  

 5.  For the hipster and hostess on your list, vintage kitchen items!  Salt servers and platters are perfect💗  And if you include a vintage little clutch 👛 you are on the 😎 list!  Visit your neighborhood thrift store. 

6.   For the kids, Burro in Venice, Ragg Tattoo in Beverly Hills, and Reginal’s in Century City will offer creative and chic options for toys and outfits!  We always include a book and a STEM toy.  Legos , a telescope, or science kits make great gifts 🔬 

7.  Splurging on your BAE!  Buy her an Hermes scarf and buy him a belt. 

8.  Essentials!  For a mind over matter gift, we highly suggest including 😎 King (a documentary), a vintage map and history book of your grandparents country, art (tickets to the theater, museum, symphony)🎁

Happy Gifting! 🦄⛷💋

M.O.M. Getaway 👯

Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara

This Holiday season the only gift you need is a mommy vacation!💃🏽  We highly suggest Santa Barbara.  Go with friends or your partner and just sleep away the stress and hike away the frustrations of life a la Hillary Clinton.

Hiking chic: L.L. Bean Boots, H&M leggings, Lucky Sweater, Anonymous socks

If you go after the Holiday rush, you will find some great deals on hotels (like at Bacara) and of course great spas and shopping!  The weather is a little cold but always sunny ☀️ and some days flip flops and sun dresses are necessary.  Pack your hiking boots and colorful sweaters for outdoor activities and chic winter outfits for evening activities and some swim attire!  

For dinner, we suggest Jane and Bouchon (not by Thomas Keller).  At Bouchon, order the crab cakes, the duck, the sea bass, and cheese tart 💗 and don’t forget the the vino 🍷local and spectacular!

The spa at Bacara is everything!  The best and if it’s good enough for Oprah 👑 it’s good enough for all M.O.M.’s, so book your spa treatment in advance and enjoy the amenities! 

Have fun M.O.M.’s! 💋

Sugar Skulls & Halloween Tricks! 

This is the perfect time to introduce yourself and your familia to new cultures, food, and fun!  From pan de Muertos and sugar skulls to pumpkin treats and Halloween parties!  Here are some of our favorites!  

1.  Honey-pear cake (see, Food Culture page for recipe);

2.  Veggie chili with Salvadorian red beans (see, Food Culture page for recipe);

3.  Martha Stewart sugar cookies and Compartes peanut butter spread…yes make a peanut butter sandwich!comparte-peanut-butter

4.  The Dead Family Diaz (for kids 3-10).  This is a great introduction to the holiday and explaining death in a positive light by honoring our past and celebrating life!

5.  A fun tablescape for adults and kids (see, Food Culture page for shopping guide);

6.  Zara and thrift stores for chic Halloween outfits!

7.  If you live in Los Angeles, you must go to the LA Day of the Dead festival at the Hollywood Cemetary.  Go to for tickets.  Get there early for free kids admission and parking!img_2516-2

Happy Halloween and Feliz Dia de Los  Muertos! ?

The Latina Vote Matters! 

Latina youth and millenials have an opportunity to speak volumes about their rights if they organize, educate, and vote!  Mama says give it up…give me reproductive rights, immigration reform, equal pay, higher wages, paid family leave, civil rights, criminal justice reform, higher education, shoes, cake, you get the picture ?

A LAwtino that is elevating the discourse around immigration issues is Gael Garcia Bernal ? and his new movie Desierto.  Hispanicize LA will have a special screening tonight in DTLA.  Indeed, Latina/o policy and voting issues are on the agenda at Hispanicize LA 2016!  One of the panels at this years event will explore why the Latina/o community lacks representation through one voice (i.e., where is the Latina/o Jesse Jackson?).   Your thoughts? Your kids thoughts? Your spouses opinion? Your friends argument?

Give up your thoughts and get out and VOTE! ? #mamasaysgiveitup


Roque Dalton (1935-1975)

Play time in El Salvador by LAwtina M.O.M.



They who widened the Panama Canal
(and were classified “silver roll” instead of “gold roll”),
they who repaired the Pacific fleet at California bases,
they who rotted in the jails of Guatemala,
Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua *
for being thieves, smugglers, swindlers, for being hungry,
they always suspicious of everything
(“permit me to haul you in as a suspect
for hanging out on corners suspiciously, and furthermore
with the pretentious air of being Salvadorian”),
they who packed the bars and brothels of all the ports
and capitals of the region
(“The Blue Cave,” “Hot Pants,” “Happyland”),
the planters of corn deep in foreign jungles,
the kings of the red page,
they who no one knows where they come from,
the best artisans of the world,
they who were stitched by bullets crossing the border,
they who died of malaria
or by the sting of scorpions or yellow fever
in the hell of banana plantations,
the drunkards who cried for the national anthem
under a cyclone of the Pacific or northern snows,
the marginalized, the beggars, the stoners,
guanaco sons of bitches,
they who hardly made it back,
they who had a little more luck,
the eternally undocumented,
the jack-of-all trades, the hustlers, the gluts,
the first the flash a knife,
the sad, the saddest of all,
my people, my brothers.


Los que ampliaron el Canal de Panamá
(y fueron clasificados como “silver roll” y no como “gold roll”),
los que repararon la flota del Pacifico
en las bases de California,
los que se pudrieron en las cárceles de Guatemala,
México, Honduras, Nicaragua,
por ladrones, por contrabandistas, por estafadores,
por hambrientos,
los siempre sospechosos de todo
(“me permito remitirle al interfecto
por esquinero sospechoso
y con el agravante de ser salvadoreño”),
las que llenaron los bares y burdeles
de todos los puertos y capitales de la zona
(“La gruta azul”, “El Calzoncito”, “Happyland”),
los sembradores de maíz en plena selva extranjera,
los reyes de la pagina roja,
los que nunca sabe nadie de donde son,
los mejores artesanos del mundo,
los que fueron cosidos a balazos al cruzar la frontera,
los que murieron de paludismo
o de las picadas del escorpión a la barba amarilla
en el infierno de las bananeras,
los que lloraron borrachos por el himno nacional
bajo el ciclón del Pacifico o la nieve del norte,
los arrimados, los mendigos, los marihuaneros,
los guanacos hijos de la gran puta,
los que apenitas pudieron regresar,
los que tuvieron un poco mas de suerte,
los eternos indocumentados,
los hacelotodo, los vendelotodo, los comelotodo,
los primeros en sacar el cuchillo,
los tristes mas tristes del mundo,
mis compatriotas,
mis hermanos.

(Las Historias Prohibidas del Pulgarcito)


Unschooling and Raising Bicultural Citizens

“The quick answer to Latina/o parents is to feed your child’s soul with your culture and cuisine, your language, and most importantly, your history, your folklore, your music, your art, your literature, and the sound of your laughter.”

LAwtina M.O.M.

Corazon, Romero, 1974

For LAwtina mothers and Millenials in general, who are unschooling and/or raising bicultural, and bilingual world citizens, the choice is not easy.  Alternative methods of education and resources in public education are scarce and difficult to obtain.   The term unschooling is one alternative approach to traditional education.  The term has several meanings,”unschooling”,  is also known as “natural learning”, “experience-based learning”, or “independent learning”.

For children who are raised in bicultural environments, and especially for Latina/o children, Latino parents face a unique set of challenges when seeking to immerse their children into a diverse school setting.  To understand these unique challenges, we must first understand racial segregation of Latina/o school children in the United States and acknowledge the continued de jure segregation and exclusion of Latina/o history in public education.


To really comprehend racial segregation in the school environment we must go beyond Brown v. Board of Education.  We must first study and understand a case that is often overlooked in our history, and in law school, Mendez, et al v. Westminister [sic] School District of Orange County, et al64 F.Supp. 544 (S.D. Cal. 1946), aff’d, 161 F.2d 774 (9th Cir. 1947) (en banc).  This case was the foundation for Brown v. Board of Education; Indeed, the attorneys for Brown studied the Mendez case and strategized with their attorneys for the history defining desegregation case.   It was the unity between Brown and Black that ultimately garnered a victory for a common cause.


Mendez, was a 1947 federal court case that challenged racial segregation in Orange County, California schools. In its ruling, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, in an en banc decision, held that the segregation of Mexican and Mexican American students into separate “Mexican schools” was unconstitutional. It was the first ruling in the United States in favor of desegregation.

From this standpoint, Latina/o children have always and continued to be segregated into low-performing schools with inexperienced teachers and administration.  Stereotypes of lazy and unintelligent Latina/os have permeated the public education system, resulting in less than stellar performances.  Thus, the consequence is an entire generation of Latina/os that are unprepared for higher education, professional careers, or positions with power. IMG_2977

The result is disheartening, in 2016, there are less than 3% Latina/o attorneys, doctors, executives, politicians, zero in the Senate, yet, Latina/os are the largest minority in the U.S., and simultaneously, Latinas have a purchasing power that has corporations, media and advertising agencies immersing themselves in everything Latinas want, like and need, except education.

Continue reading this essay in I.M. McCall, Esq.’s forthcoming book: A Legal Discourse on the Rights of Latina Woman in the U.S.


LAwtina M.O.M.






mind. over. matter.