LATINX Feminism 

Introduce yourself, if you haven’t already to LatCrit Theory and discover what Latina Feminism means.  Cherríe Moraga is a great place to start (a great gift for the senior graduating in your life, mom, grandma, your bff).  If you are a parent (regardless of your race, ethnicity, sex, or religion) learn how to unschool your children of a rhetoric that has hurt the Latina/o community, learn and pass on the history of the Lemon Grove Incident, talk about access to quality education, ask why Gloria Anzaldúa’s Borderlands was banned from Arizona high schools in 2013, and why “the revolution starts at home.” 💋 Happy Friday 👯

M.O.M. Salsa Night at La Descarga 💃🏽

Every M.O.M. needs a Salsa night out and La Descarga is the best spot for newbies to the scene.  The club offers a burlesque show at 10 p.m., a full Rum Bar and a cigar bar in the back room.  ​

What to wear? Well, not what the dancer is wearing unless, you have amazing salsa 💃🏽 shines!  Just wear something you feel confident, comfortable, and that breathes well because it gets hot!

​​While waiting to get in the club you’ll notice the delicious smell of the best midnight taco stand in L.A., right next door!  Order all!  Happy dancing and eating! 

Zip Code Education 

A zip code determines an education.  A zip code determines the likelihood of going to prison.  A zip code determines the probability of being racially profiled.  A zip code determines the likelihood of going to college.  A zip code determines your choices for a quality public school education.  A zip code determines the quality of your education and tracks you into the prison pipeline. 🎓

Style is in the details…

Style is in the details, from your lips to your ankles, so choose carefully!  Every mujer needs a lip color that accentuates her natural pigment in a rose tone (not nude).  I’m obsessed with Bite Beauty in Pastille (shown above) this color is great for every skin tone!  Since beauty ain’t cheap, start out with some samples before committing (frugal tip: Sephora is giving away a Bite sample for 100 points!).   

Every outfit always needs earrings and some arm candy.  Why you ask?  Because we often speak with our hands and a great bracelet will complement whatever you’re saying 🤔  and earrings bring attention to your neck and gorgeous hair style 😎. Lastly, accessories make your outfit, so invest wisely and pick pieces that are timeless.  

I love interesting earrings and bracelets that don’t scratch easily.  Every mujer needs diamond and pearl studs (or at least some that look real), after that, you need pieces that complement your style.  I’m obsessed with everything by Giles & Brothers (shown above)!  Frugal tip: I grabbed these pieces at a sample sale in L.A. for $20!  

Happy Frugal Shopping! 💋

GATE: Gifted and Talented Education?

As parents we all believe our child is special and gifted and a prodigy!  And then you meet someone else’s child and their kid has an expanded vocabulary, reads, does advanced math, speaks another language, works well independently, and reality sets in…my kid is not a GATE child, but yours might be 📚

If your child exhibits the above characteristics and is also a keen observer, compassionate and highly sensitive, has a great memory and learns new concepts quickly and with ease,  you may have a GATE child that needs specialized education.

Public schools begin testing in third grade and will group the GATE students with a particular teacher that is certified to teach GATE students.  It is important to identify your child  early so that you don’t confuse their perfectionist and sensitive personality with crazy tantrums.  And more importantly, a GATE child like an autistic child, needs to be in the right environment for his/her learning style.

Ask your school teacher about the GATE program and don’t be shy about being the mom with a genius child! 👑💃🏽



                                       Even the most thoughtless, even the most deluded                                                   black person [latina/o, asian, jew, muslim or woman]                                            knows more about his [or her] life than the image he                                             [or she] is offered as the justification of it.                                                                                                                                                    — James Baldwin

The most important border crossers in the Southwest, are U.S. firms that use special tax breaks and the provisions of international trade agreements to set up maquiladora plants on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Mexico offers low-wage labor, mostly women, in  maquiladora zones that provide opportunities for large profits for California businesses and investors.  Planned Parenthood provides birth control to women at maquiladora plants.  Controlling a women’s body has always been essential to corporate profit and patriarchal societies.

“For many decades and in many forms, Latina womyn have been exploited, controlled, over sexualized, marginalized, uneducated, demonized, oppressed, silenced, ignored, stereotyped, neglected, and overlooked by our government, politicians, and policy.   Representation in spaces of power are necessary…and higher education is the only secure path.  There are many issues surrounding the Latina condition, however, education and reproductive justice are essential rhetoric in Latina discourse.”  [Read more in McCall’s forthcoming book].

The Latina feminist voice is ready to speak truth.  So, let’s warm up, stand up, and women up for tomorrow’s march towards equality, control and freedom! #LAwtinaMOM

Sweat Pilates studio, Toe Socks, LAwtina M.O.M. FBR baseball cap

On a side note, we just tried sweat pilates and highly recommend it!  Little muscles that we have not felt since our dance and ultra-fit days (pre-babies) hurt again!  Fit mind, strong body, balanced soul! March on!  #yeswecan #sisepuede


LAwtina M.O.M.

The Last Minute Gift Guide 😎

You waited, and waited, and now you are scrambling for last minute 🎁 gifts 🎁 Whether it’s for the Holidays, a birthday for that special family member or friend, these gifts will get you brownie points 🦄

1.  The Cafe Fuerte mug is an essential for the fierce mujer, activist, and coffee lover in your VIDA 💋💄💼🎓👑 (available on our online boutique), along with Essie nail polish, and chic pencils to match;

2.  A Gorjana necklace is perfect for the fashionista in your life.  💖😍 this piece because it’s a 3-in-1 accessory!  Perfect for a jet-setter of any age! ($58-$75 @;

3.  Simple Luxury…Kendall Conrad.   Anything by Conrad is always welcomed!  Your girlfriend, wife, and mom will love a handbag or bracelet, or earrings, or rings! 😍;

4. For the fashion conscious father, brother, or husband, Kit Ace and Miansai are your answer for simple modern essentials.  We also love a great baseball cap and Happy socks as stocking stuffers and small Hanukkah gifts👊🏾;  

 5.  For the hipster and hostess on your list, vintage kitchen items!  Salt servers and platters are perfect💗  And if you include a vintage little clutch 👛 you are on the 😎 list!  Visit your neighborhood thrift store. 

6.   For the kids, Burro in Venice, Ragg Tattoo in Beverly Hills, and Reginal’s in Century City will offer creative and chic options for toys and outfits!  We always include a book and a STEM toy.  Legos , a telescope, or science kits make great gifts 🔬 

7.  Splurging on your BAE!  Buy her an Hermes scarf and buy him a belt. 

8.  Essentials!  For a mind over matter gift, we highly suggest including 😎 King (a documentary), a vintage map and history book of your grandparents country, art (tickets to the theater, museum, symphony)🎁

Happy Gifting! 🦄⛷💋

M.O.M. Getaway 👯

Bacara Resort, Santa Barbara

This Holiday season the only gift you need is a mommy vacation!💃🏽  We highly suggest Santa Barbara.  Go with friends or your partner and just sleep away the stress and hike away the frustrations of life a la Hillary Clinton.

Hiking chic: L.L. Bean Boots, H&M leggings, Lucky Sweater, Anonymous socks

If you go after the Holiday rush, you will find some great deals on hotels (like at Bacara) and of course great spas and shopping!  The weather is a little cold but always sunny ☀️ and some days flip flops and sun dresses are necessary.  Pack your hiking boots and colorful sweaters for outdoor activities and chic winter outfits for evening activities and some swim attire!  

For dinner, we suggest Jane and Bouchon (not by Thomas Keller).  At Bouchon, order the crab cakes, the duck, the sea bass, and cheese tart 💗 and don’t forget the the vino 🍷local and spectacular!

The spa at Bacara is everything!  The best and if it’s good enough for Oprah 👑 it’s good enough for all M.O.M.’s, so book your spa treatment in advance and enjoy the amenities! 

Have fun M.O.M.’s! 💋

A lifestyle blog with special emphasis on education, women's issues, and raising bicultural children, from the perspective of one LAwtina M.O.M. raising a bunch of kids in the city and balancing a career, while trying to stay chic, fit, sane and informed! Why the name? the law affects ALL mujeres – if it affects one it affects all of us – we are all LAWTINAS!